Tech Trends

Tech Trends: Google Sheets—A Free and Powerful Training Log Option

Athletes and coaches can both plan, edit and review the week’s training plan without overloading each other’s email.

Tech Trends: Keeping Up With The Runkeeper App

A deeper dive into the popular smartphone running app.

Tech Trends: A Deeper Dive Into The Nike+ Running App

The free app provides an abundance of features for runners to track their mileage and stay motivated.

Tech Trends: Pre-Cooling To Take On A Hot Fall Marathon

Use these strategies to cool down before your next race in warm weather.

Tech Trends: Which GPS Running App Is Right For You?

Each app has strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to determine the features you find most important.

Tech Trends: The End of Chest-Worn Heart Rate Sensors?

Optical sensors in the wrist could make the chest strap obsolete.

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