6 New York City Marathon Tips

If you haven’t been to the New York City Marathon and this is the first time that you’ll be there to spectate, there are a few tips

The Best Qualities To Look For In An Ideal Running Partner

Make sure you go through this entire checklist before running with someone new.

Why You Are Never Too Old To Run

Running has been shown to have many benefits for us as we age, ranging from the physical to the mental.

Why Runners Should Train In The Heat

Getting a little hot could benefit your training. Here's why you shouldn't shy away from summer running.

Stay Cool This Summer With Healthy Cold Treats

Whether it is a store-bought treat or something homemade, there are a lot of ways to keep it healthy with cold and frozen snacks.

10 Ways To Respect Local Communities Along A Race Course

Don't let your favorite race get in trouble for runners' bad behavior.

Don’t have time to run? Find time.

By Linzay Logan We all are busy. With work, school, kids, meetings, cooking dinner, feeding the dog, and then training to top it all off

Marathon Advice From True Bostonians

Think it’s hard to get into the Boston Marathon? Not so, if you’re a member of the L Street Runners. No fewer than 250 members

Ryan Hall Marathon Goal Setting Tips

Josh Muxen, race announcer for the 2009 Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon, sits down with American marathoner Ryan Hall. Ryan offers

ING Philadelphia Distance Run Course Preview

The ING Philadelphia Distance run offers all the qualities you want in a half-marathon course. First of all, it is flat. And by flat I mean

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