Photos: Tokyo Airport’s New Indoor Track for Traveling Runners

An airport that actually encourages you to run to catch your flight.

Tokyo Wins 2020 Summer Olympics Bid

The city last played host in 1964.

Tokyo Plans Giant Olympic Bid Project

The city is serious about constructing a new Olympic village.

New Rules For Joggers Around Tokyo’s Imperial Palace

The police are receiving numerous complaints from pedestrians.

Tokyo Runner Makes 13-Mile Apple Logo

He did it to thank retiring CEO, Steve Jobs.

Tokyo Confirms Bid For 2020 Olympics

Japan hopes to show the world that it can recover from the devastating tsunami earlier this year.

Running in Tokyo: Japan Soldiers On

Tokyo runners find joy in a group workout despite the recent disasters in their country.

Marathon Behind Japan’s Complete Running Craze

Running the Tokyo Marathon is now harder than ever.

Barefoot Running Finally Reaches Japan

In a country with a tradition of removing footwear, there are surprisingly few barefoot runners.

Tokyo Marathon Recieves 42,000 Applications In Two Days

The February marathon can only accept 32,000 runners. With over 42,000 applicants in the first two days of registration, the 2010 Tokyo

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