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For Limo, The End Of The Road Is The Start

Distance runner explains an infamous workout that elite Kenyans do twice a week.

Top Tips For Running With Your Dog

Take the proper precautions before logging miles with your four-legged training partner.

The Runner’s Holiday Tip Of The Day

Get through the holiday season with daily advice from the editors of Competitor.

Age Not A Factor For Toronto Marathon Champion

The Kenyan hopes to run under 2:07 this year.

Video: Balancing Training, Racing And Motherhood

Kara Goucher discusses balancing training and motherhood.

How You Can Support A Marathoner

One reporter provides numerous tips to those on the sidelines.

Ask Scott: Ultramarathon Champion Scott Jurek Answers Your Questions!

Have a question about training, racing, nutrition or injury-prevention for ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek?

The Advantages Of Training With A Group

It helps to have other runners there to push you.

The Penguin Chronicles: Learning The Hard Way

The body is such a fantastic piece of equipment that it will actually allow a person to be a complete idiot for a while.

The Life Of A Kenyan Runner In Canada

It's hardly an easy one.

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