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Treadmill Running Classes Take Hold in New York

A new treadmill running studio opens this week in Manhattan.

Friday Faceplant: Treadmill Fails

CAUTION: Do not attempt this at home!

Treadmill At The International Space Station Bound For Fiery Exit

The 13-year-old piece of equipment has already been replaced with a newer model.

Got A Beer Gut? Jump On A Treadmill

It helps you shed the worst kind of fat.

How Do You Select The Best Treadmill Workout?

One expert says it's all about the fundamentals.

Run Boston From The Comfort Of Your Home

For as little as $20 you can watch a video of the course.

Man Training For Badwater In Homemade Heat Room

He can crank it up to 170 degrees.

The treadmill doesn’t have to be the dreadmill

Written by Linzay Logan Running on the treadmill is dreadful and mind numbingly boring for most. The monotony of the hum of the circling

Treadmill Time

We’re heading toward the shortest, coldest days of the year. Time to move your running indoors? Written by: Matt Fitzgerald Many if

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