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Treadmill Marathon World Record Attempts Set For Boston

Wardian, Duclos will make use of video technology and a Garmin Footpod.

Taking Visualization To A Whole New Level

Boston-based company offers a way to virtually run well-known race courses.

Six Strategies For Safe Summer Running

Keep your cool and beat the heat this summer with these suggestions.

Mo Farah Training With Underwater Treadmill

Now that he is with the Oregon Project, he has access to cutting-edge technology.

Poll: Where Do You Run?

Are you a road warrior or do you rack up most of your miles elsewhere? Let us know!

The Millennium Runner: Substance & Style

New technology and fearless fashion have overtaken the increasingly borderless world of the modern day distance runner.

Hotels Offering Running Shoe Service

Travelers can now leave their running shoes at home.

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