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Enduro Word of the Week: SMILEY (body part)

Having a smiley is not always a good thing.

Alec Rukosuev: Building Better Athletes with Swimming

In the May 2011 issue of Competitor, we profiled “crazy Russian” coach Alec Rukosuev. It was difficult to translate all of his passion

Book Review: The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

Sage Rountree has created a truly essential resource for endurance athletes.

Hyperthermia on the Run: A Collegiate Athlete’s Frightening Tale

Stanford Medical School student, triathlon team member and Impala Racing Team member, Kierann Smith, was on pace to race her best race ever

The Endurance Athlete’s Weekend


Lance Armstrong Eyeing 2011 Chicago Marathon

Does this mean he is a no-go for Ironman in Hawaii?

Out There: Serious Answers To Your Silly Questions

This week Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke answers questions from readers.

Out There: Grounds For Thought

Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke reflects on lessons learned after 30 days without coffee.

Enduro WOW: Mamil

Defining the word of the week: mamil.

Enduro Word Of The Week: Assalt

Defining the endurance word of the week: assalt.

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