Triza Njeri

Sammy Wanjiru Finally Laid To Rest

The service ended up being delayed for two hours.

Police Urged To Make Wanjiru Findings Public

They aren't happy with the autopsy results.

Wanjiru’s Mother Fails To Appear In Court For Assault

She allegedly tried to kill the driver of the late marathoner's wife.

Athletics Kenya Pledges To Support Wanjiru Family

They say they will do whatever it takes to assist the late runner's children.

An Inside Look At Sammy Wanjiru’s Widow

She is grieving for her husband while fending off accusations that she was involved in his death.

Sammy Wanjiru’s Funeral Still On Hold

The matter has turned into a vicious court battle.

Wanjiru’s Wife Drops Attempted Murder Charges

The Olympic medalist had been facing some serious accusations.

Wanjiru A No-Show In Court

The Olympic champion claimed to be sick.

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