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Olsen Named USATF Athlete Of The Week

He helped Team USA bring home the gold at the World 24-hour Championships.

Zola Budd Gears Up For Comrades

She continues to back barefoot running.

Ntshiliza Returns To Two Oceans Marathon

The returning champion hopes to win the grueling 56K race.

Trail Legend Rae Clark Inducted Into Ultra Hall Of Fame

He is a legend from the "old school" of ultra marathoning.

Woman Sets New 1000K Ultra Record In Australia

Her mantra was "relentless, forward, progress".

Drama Of Western States Captured On Film

The runners were filmed with a 10-pound camera.

Marathon Boy Running For His Life

His coach thinks he has a "gift" for distance running

Are Ultra Marathons Good For The Sole?

One Canadian researcher is trying to find the answer to that question.

Ultramarathon Organizers Allegedly Weren’t Prepared

The race company is under increasing scrutiny for its staging of the event.

When Are Ultra Marathons Bad For You?

For ill-prepared runners, they can even be downright deadly.

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