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Making Veganism Accessible

Ultrarunning champion Brendan Brazier adopted a vegan diet which has helped him perform better and recover faster.

Burning Runner: A Year’s Worth Of Lessons Learned

Week 13: T.J.'s tackled his fair share of training and nutritional challenges in the last 12 months.

Burning Runner: Traveling Tricks Of The Trade

Week 12: T.J explains how he balances training and a vegan diet while on the road. Written by: T.J. Murphy Yesterday I returned from a

Burning Runner: The Rising Popularity Of A Plant-Based Diet

Week 11: Two months into his conversion to veganism, T.J. finds out he's not alone in his approach.

Burning Runner: The Juice Fast Nightmare

Week 10: Having lost more than 12 pounds in two months, T.J reports on his recent scary experience. Written by: T.J. Murphy The first 24

Burning Runner: Surviving On A Vegan Diet

Week 7: Since switching to plant-based fuel sources, T.J. has never felt better. Written by: T.J. Murphy As the word has gone out that

Burning Runner: Weight-Loss Lessons Learned

Week 6: T.J’s burned off 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Here are the key lessons he’s learned so far. Five weeks ago I set out on the

Burning Runner Extra: The Power Of A Plant-Based Diet

The supermarket takes on a completely different look through the eyes of a vegan. Written by: T.J. Murphy One of the key principles in my

Burning Runner: Kicking The Coffee Habit

Week 4: T.J. overcomes an old addiction and tries a new take on strength training.   Written by: T.J. Murphy Last Monday I traveled

Burning Runner Extra: Improving My Time–And Diet

Focused on losing weight, feeling better and improving his performance, T.J. gives his intake an overhaul. Written by: T.J Murphy This past

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