VO2 Max

Workout Of The Week: Billat’s 30-30

This brainchild of French exercise scientist Veronique Billat may be the best workout you've never done.

Why Are Workout And Race Times Different?

There's a scientific explanation as to why the vast improvement in your workout times don't always show on race day.

Runners: Get Energized With Eleuthero

It's also been shown to improve VO2 max and fat-burning capacity.

What’s Your Real VO2 Max Number?

An alternative VO2 max test protocol is more like a real race.

Vitamin D: A Key To Endurance Sports Performance

Low levels are likely limiting your performance, and may compromise your health.

Piecing Together The Performance Puzzle

There are many ingredients in the recipe of running fitness.

Study: Better Runners Are … Lazy Runners?

One study suggests that runners who rely on less muscle activation actually go faster.

3 Simple Ways To Add Speed And Endurance

Learn the benefits of developing VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and Running Economy.

PowerLung – Respiratory Muscle Training

Matt Fitzgerald reviews the PowerLung training device and the benefits of respiratory muscle training.

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