VO2 max workouts

Study: Run Faster To Ride Better

In a scientific case study, an elite cyclist improved his time trial by riding less and running hard.

Training Doesn’t Occur In A Vacuum

Everything from work stressors to the air temperature can affect your workouts.

The Benefits Of Circuit Training For Runners

Reap the benefits of this strength-based aerobic workout.

Fat Burning: Low-Intensity Or High-Intensity Exercise?

One study seems to favor low intensity — but read the fine print.

Learning How To Run Workouts By Feel

Get the most bang for your training buck by listening to your body.

Study: Interval Runs Are Fun — And They Work

Are you not enjoying your running as much as you could be? Perhaps you’re not suffering enough.

Fact or Fiction: Increased Calorie Burn After Exercise

Is it really true that we burn more calories throughout the day if we exercise?

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