Water Running

Cross-Train To Get Fitter And Faster

Advance your fitness, build functional strength and improve your speed with these non-running workouts.

Water Running: A Low-Impact Run Workout

This form of aquatic exercise is one of the best cross-training workouts for runners, injured or not.

Making The Case For Cross-Training

High volume doesn't always have to mean high mileage.

Four Approaches To Cross-Training For Runners

Should you be a maximalist, supplemental, seasonal, or emergency cross-trainer?

Can’t Run? You Can Still Train

These three great cross-training alternatives for the injured runner are also great conditioning supplements for the healthy runner.

Aqua Jogging For Injured Runners

Can't run? Keep your legs moving in the pool and maintain fitness while you overcome injury.

Out There: Oddballs On Deck

You never know who, or what, you'll see at the pool.

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