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Heavy Lifting For Better Running

Instead of low weight and more reps, do the opposite — safely.

Strength Training For Runners: What Works Best?

A new Finnish study says heavy weightlifting is best, but is it?

6 Common Strength Training Myths

Jeff Horowitz takes a look at some of the misconceptions in regards to strength training.

Should Distance Runners Lift Heavy?

You'll be surprised how much strength work you should be doing in the gym.

Monday Minute: Dead Lifts For Runners

Think dead lifts are only for meat heads? Think again.

Video: Practice Proper Squatting Technique

Use these three tips to squat safely and effectively.

Better Squatting For Better Running

Learning to squat effectively teaches runners how to be better runner by addressing and improving basic athletic skills.

Sets, Reps, And Loads For Runners

How to get the numbers right in your strength workouts.

How Hard Should Strength Training Be For Runners?

Research suggests a little strength training can go a long way for runners.

What’s More Effective: Heavy Weights, Plyos Or Circuits?

One study tries to answer the question that runners always ask.

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