Weight Loss

The Dangers of Under Fueling

This article is from Monique Ryan, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD, author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. It starts well intentioned and

6 Weight-Management Practices the Pros Follow

The smartest way to manage your weight for endurance performance is to emulate the methods of the fastest men and women on the planet. This

Should You Lose Weight and Train for a Race at the Same Time?

Running can help you lose weight, but losing weight and racing fast are two distinctly different goals.

Maximize Your Metabolism To Keep Your Weight-Loss Goals On Track

On the surface, losing weight should be easy. But there are a lot of contributing factors to keep in mind.

Which Matters More: What You Eat or How Much You Eat?

A balance between caloric intake and eating healthy foods may help with weight gain prevention during the off-season.

160 Pounds Lighter, Man Runs Third Marathon in Las Vegas

More than two years ago, Kris Wright weighed 330 pounds, until running transformed his life.

Then and Now: Runner Loses 100 Pounds Before Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas

Eloy Gonzalez's first half marathon was at Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas, and now 100 pounds lighter, he's running it again.

Is Running Good For Weight Loss?

When people are asked why they run, an overwhelming majority cite the desire to lose weight. But is it really the best way to shed pounds?

Colorado Man Drops 100 Pounds Through Running

Yusuke Kirimoto went from 270 pounds to 168 through a diet and exercise regimen that includes running.

For Runners, Not All Weight Loss is Good Weight Loss

The goal of weight loss and the goal of training don’t always go well together.

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