3 Quick Runs You Can Do on Busy Days

When you don't have time, you have to get creative.

Elite 8: Workouts Of The World’s Top Runners

Check out these lung-busting workouts, then head out the door and give them a try!

Run With The Bulls…In Arizona?!

Thrill-seeking runners no longer need to head to Spain.

Crunches May Not Be the Path to Rock-hard Abs

Cruches have long been the go-to exercise to tighten and chisel abs. The easy movement of lifting your head, neck and back while engaging

Should You Facebook or Tweet Your Workouts?

Should you post your run workouts to your social network?

Burning Runner: Comparing Opposite Approaches

T.J. compares his old training approach to his current CrossFit Endurance method of half-marathon training.

Behind The Scenes: A Kenyan Interval Session

One writer's look at a grueling workout outside Iten.

Genes, Workouts, And You

A new study shows that some bodies react better to workouts than others.

Running Your First Half Marathon

Written by: Matt Fitzgerald Half-marathons are hot. According to the Road Runner’s Club of America, participation has gone up 20

Get Faster

Here are five quick tips to improve your speed.

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