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Yoga for Runners: The Pigeon Pose

This pose is great for improve the range-of-motion and flexibility in your hips, which will in turn lead to better running form.

Yoga for Runners: The Crescent Lunge

Most yoga poses that work to strengthen and loosen your hips will be beneficial to runners and the demand they put on that area.

Yoga for Runners: The Bridge Pose

Strengthen your back, glutes and legs while opening up your core.

Yoga for Runners: Half Split Pose

This is an excellent, challenging pose that works to loosen your hamstrings, calf muscles and lower back.

Yoga for Runners: Cow Face Pose

This yoga move is beneficial to your running.

Competitor on Demand: The Standing Figure 4 Pose

This yoga pose targets the hips and is great for runners.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Warrior III Pose

This pose will help to strengthen your hips, hamstrings and core areas.

Use Yoga To Balance Out Your Run Training

Yoga and run training complement each other like yin and yang.

Three Key Yoga Moves For Runners

Flexibility and being in the moment can help your running.

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