Yoga For Runners

Yoga for Runners: Triangle Pose

A good way to loosen the stabilizing muscles in your torso, this yoga move is a great way to get your body ready for the rigors of running.

Yoga for Runners: Butterfly

Keep your back straight while doing this yoga move, which adds flexibility.

Yoga for Runners: Down and Up Dog

A good way to stretch out the backside muscles of your body and get loose for running, this combo yoga pose is great for runners. Do each

Yoga for Runners: The Pigeon Pose

This pose is great for improve the range-of-motion and flexibility in your hips, which will in turn lead to better running form.

Yoga for Runners: The Crescent Lunge

Most yoga poses that work to strengthen and loosen your hips will be beneficial to runners and the demand they put on that area.

Yoga for Runners: The Bridge Pose

Strengthen your back, glutes and legs while opening up your core.

Yoga for Runners: Half Split Pose

This is an excellent, challenging pose that works to loosen your hamstrings, calf muscles and lower back.

Yoga for Runners: Cow Face Pose

This yoga move is beneficial to your running.

Competitor on Demand: The Standing Figure 4 Pose

This yoga pose targets the hips and is great for runners.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Warrior III Pose

This pose will help to strengthen your hips, hamstrings and core areas.

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