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Video: Yoga For Runners — Downward Facing Dog

Learn how to properly perform this popular pose that stretches the muscles in the backside of the body.

Yoga For Runners: Strengthen Your Upper Back

Strengthening your upper back will improve your posture for more efficient running.

Yoga: Open The Chest For Better Running

This simple, relaxing pose has a direct, positive effect on your running.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 2

Sage Rountree describes the second of three low lunge exercises that will help to open up your hips.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 1

Learn how to open your hips and increase your stride length!

Using Yoga For Injury Prevention And Recovery

Increase flexibility, develop agility and strength, and sharpen mental focus.

The Tree Pose, Yoga’s Classic Balancing Act

Improve your ability to relax and work with this yoga pose.

Video: Yoga For Runners — Low Lunge, Part 3

This maneuver will help to open up your hips and increase mobility.

Balanced Breathing: Part 2

Learn to control your breath to calm down and recover faster. Written by: Sage Rountree In my last column, we looked at the powerful tool

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