Yuki Kawauchi

Behind-the-Scenes at the Boston Marathon

They say you’ll never forget your first marathon. And after Marathon Monday this past April 16, I can tell you that they—the

All About Boston’s Newest Champ Yuki Kawauchi

For one athlete, Monday’s brutal weather conditions were a welcomed adversary during the Boston Marathon: Champion Yuki Kawauchi .

Yuki Kawauchi Dominates Men’s Race in Boston

If you didn’t know the name Yuki Kawauchi before, you probably do now. The Japanese marathoner bested a stacked men’s field and wet

‘Citizen Runner’ Kawauchi Breaks World Record

He became the first runner to complete two sub-2:10 marathons in two weeks.

Kawauchi Runs Marathon Course Record In Japan

The "blue-collar" runner continues his winning streak.

It Will Be Kisorio Versus Mogusu In Maragume Half Marathon

Japanese superstar Yuki Kawauchi also taking part.

Japanese “Blue Collar” Runner Keeps On Marathoning

He wants to be an example for all amateurs.

East African Dominance At The Fukuoka Marathon

The first Japanese runner was third.

Learn How To Reap The Benefits Of Singles

They paid off for 2:08 Japanese marathoner Yuki Kawauchi.

“Blue-Collar” Runner Kawauchi Collapses In 50K

He was racing the ultra to train for the upcoming world championships.

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