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Burning Runner: An Honest Path To Weight Loss

Week 5: T.J. reveals how he began to unwind his downward spiral. Written by: T.J. Murphy A few days ago I was talking with a co-worker

Burning Runner Box Score: Week 5

Another week, another two pounds burned away.

Burning Runner: Kicking The Coffee Habit

Week 4: T.J. overcomes an old addiction and tries a new take on strength training.   Written by: T.J. Murphy Last Monday I traveled

Burning Runner Box Score: Week 4

Four weeks into his experiment, T.J. burns off three more pounds.

Burning Runner Extra: Improving My Time–And Diet

Focused on losing weight, feeling better and improving his performance, T.J. gives his intake an overhaul. Written by: T.J Murphy This past

Burning Runner Box Score: Down Two Pounds

T.J. drops two pounds this week and establishes a half-marathon starting point.

Burning Runner: Digging Myself Out Of The Diet Rut

Week 3: T.J. takes us through a typical day and explains how he plans to break free of his bad habits.

Burning Runner: Dropping Pounds, Upping The Ante

Week 2: Mixing half-marathon training with performance weight loss. Written by: T.J. Murphy After I turned in my first column to

Burning Runner Box Score: 20 Pounds In 20 Weeks

Burning Runner, by the numbers.

Burning Runner: Let The Weight-Loss Game Begin

By learning to cook and eat the right stuff, a 40-something year old runner making his return to the sport works to burn off at least 10

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