Manipulating Carbohydrate Availability To Improve Running Performance

Ian McMahan / November 16, 2018

Those who have experienced the physical shutdown of this energy-less state know how important carbs are to long distance running.

The Benefits of the Off Season

Laura Peill / November 16, 2018

And as many athletes and coaches will tell you, the off-season is as much about the mental rest as the physical.

The One Half Marathon to Run

New York Road Runners / October 18, 2018

There’s only one race where dreamers and their heroes run side by side: the United Airlines NYC Half.

Run Your Fastest 5K

Pete Magill / November 15, 2018

An all-encompassing guide on nailing the 5K from building the speed and strength of a miler to increasing the endurance of a marathoner.

7 U.S. Turkey Trot Races to Run This Thanksgiving

Delaney Mowers / November 12, 2018

Here are seven nationwide Thanksgiving races to check out before (or after) digging into your grandma’s famous stuffing or your mom’s freshly-baked apple pie.

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Eating Real Performance Foods

Jessica Cerra / October 1, 2018

Jess Cerra's paths into cycling, private catering and entrepreneurship are far from typical but are inseparably intertwined.

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