Penguin Training Tips: Part Four

17. Final Resting Pace

There’s an old adage in long distance running. It says: “If you can’t be well trained, be well rested”. It sounds funny, but it’s true.

At this point no more training is really going to do you any good. The most important training you can do now is resting. Take the time to get your head together and let your body heal.

18. Perform in the Storm

Anyone can run or walk a long-distance race if they never have to put their feet on the ground. It’s easy to think and plan and prepare in your mind. It’s easy to imagine what the race will be like, or what you’d like it to be.

Make sure you’re ready for the real race. Once you cross that starting line you’ll need to face the challenges head on, with courage and conviction.

19. Ready to Rip

A good friend, when asked how he was feeling, was likely to say: “I feel like a tight pair of pants. I’m READY to RIP” You may be feeling like a tight pair of pants. Your muscles are firm, and you’re likely to be in the best shape of your life.

This is the time to be cautious. If you’ve backed off your training you may be thinking that you’ve got more time to do other things. Don’t be tempted to try to catch up with anything you’ve missed during training. There’s nothing left to do but wait.

20. Get ready to Party!

In the old days, races were like final exams. You prepared during the training season and then let it all hang out on race day. Those days are gone forever. These days the races are the celebration of what you’ve achieved.

You’ll stand at the starting line with 30,000 of your closest friends and run and walk through a great city, around a historic track, and return to a heroes welcome. The final step across the finish line makes it all worthwhile.

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