Elites More Likely To Drop Out Of Marathon

Over two thirds of the runners who failed to finish last year’s CIM were elites.

John Mansoor has been the race director of the California International Marathon since it was founded 28 years ago. He has had plenty of chances to witness runners who drop out of the marathon. According to Mansoor, the majority of these runners are elites.

“General runners, that group with a very, very high desire to finish no matter what, 99.5 percent of them are going to,” he said.

The numbers support Mansoor’s observation. Last year over 6000 runners started the race, while only 192 failed to finish. Two thirds of these runners were elites.

“Their goals are different; they don’t need to finish another marathon,” said Mansoor of elites. “It truly is inspiring to see the general runners. Quite honestly, the effort for them is so much more difficult.”

Recreational runners are more determined to finish the marathon no matter what. “I’d rather walk until dark than give up,” said Marlene Dean, one of this year’s entrants.

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