Three Runners Help Police Catch Robbers

Thanks to the work of three Good Samaritans, the suspects have been arrested.

Three runners are being credited with helping catch a pair of robbers in Manchester, New Hampshire over the weekend. According to police, a woman was robbed and assaulted while she was trying to deposit money into a bank. The runners had been passing by and heard her cries for help. They came over to her, and then chased after the suspect who was fleeing on foot. The suspect eventually got into a car that sped off.

After the police arrrived, the runners gave them an accurate description of the vehicle, which was enough information for the police to issue two arrest warrants for the suspects.

According to an article on the WMUR Web site, the two suspects, Justin Proulx and Casey Magraf, turned themselves into the police and have since been released on bail. The three runners were not identified.

For More: WMUR

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