Kenyan Athletes Causing Unwanted Pregnancies In Iten

An investigation is revealing all is not well around Iten, Kenya.

According to an article posted on The Standard’s Web site, the rising numbers of wealthy Kenyan runners is causing some negative impacts to the community around their training camps in Iten. After a day of training, the runners–incredibly rich by Kenyan standards–get into their expensive cars and head into town to sample the nightlife. There are increasing concerns that some of these runners are having illicit sex with schoolgirls and causing unwanted pregnancies.

Investigations by The Standard have shown that “girls as young as 11 years old have been forced to drop out of school after being impregnated by some of the runners.”

One such girl, now 16, recalls how an athlete lured her into having sex with him and then abandoned her when she became pregnant. The baby is now two-years-old.

“He was new in town and when I met him he asked me to assist him find a rental house in Iten town. I offered to help since I did not expect any bad motive,” she said.

For More: The Standard

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