It’s The 100th Anniversary of DeMar’s First Boston Win

100th Anniversary of DeMar's First Boston Win Remembered
Clarence DeMar won his first Boston Marathon 100 years ago. Photo:

He won the race a total of seven times.

After Clarence DeMar ran his first Boston Marathon in 1910, his doctor told him he had a weak heart and that he shouldn’t even walk up the stairs let alone run 26.2 miles. DeMar ignored the doctor.

That next year, he won the race.

Ironically, the doctor ended up dying of cardiac arrest, while DeMar went on to win a total of seven Boston titles.

“I’ve always insisted that the physician had been listening to his own heart, not mine,’’ DeMar liked to say.

The 100th anniversary of his first win will be commemorated this year. Besides these Boston titles, the Melrose, Mass. native had also won an Olympic bronze medal at the 1924 games.

DeMar was always running. He ran back and forth to work, completed marathons at the Brockton Fair, and took part in 44-mile runs from Providence to Boston on St.Patrick’s Day.

And besides running, DeMar had many other talents. He was a scoutmaster, reverend, family farmer, typesetter, and scholar.

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