Are Married Runners Better Lovers?

Chris and Jane Spiterii are a running married couple. Photo: Ottawa Citzen

That’s what one Canadian couple thinks.

Chris and Jane Spiterii of Ottawa, Canada run together. They are both 47 and have four children that range in age from 9 to 14. Jane had always preferred walking as opposed to riding the bus. She is “from a long line of marathon chasers.” Approximately four years ago, when their youngest twins were five Jane started running in earnest.

“It was just something to do,” she said. “I didn’t need a membership.”

Jane started doing shorter races like 5Ks and 10Ks and then progressive moved up to the marathon. Her husband accompanied her, riding his bike and taking pictures.

Eighteen months ago was Chris’ time to take up running. A co-worker commented to him that he looked like he had put on a little weight.

“The real impetus came when I signed up for the 10K and it was all sold out,” he recalls. “Jane said ’That’s good. You’re not ready.’ “

The couple took part in the Army Run half marathon in Ottawa last fall.

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