An Inside Look At Sammy Wanjiru’s Widow

Once a happy couple: Sammy Wanjiru and his wife Triza Njeri. Photo: Daily Nation

She is grieving for her late husband while fending off accusations that she was involved in his death.

Since the death of her husband, world-class marathoner Sammy Wanjiru, Triza Njeri has had to suffer through numerous torments. On May 15, her husband leapt to his death from his second floor balcony at the couple’s mansion. Afterwards, Njeri had to deal with rumors that her husband had been womanizing. And in the latest turn in this twisted story, Njeri is now hearing her mother-in-law claim that she was involved in her husband’s murder.

Njeri had kept silent about the matter until last week when she sat down with The Daily Nation and talked about her husband’s death.

Referring to Wanjiru’s three-year-old daughter, Ann, Njeri talked about breaking the horrible news to her. “At some point she will ask where her father is, and will need to have an answer. It’s so difficult…”

In the same interview, Njeri recalls how she met Sammy back in 2005. “We were not attracted to each other immediately but with time our friendship grew into something more meaningful, and I even started to visit him at his home,” she said.

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