Camille Herron Shooting For Course Record In Fargo

Camille Herron, a 2:38 marathon, is heading to the Fargo Marathon this weekend. Photo: Camille

She needs to run under 2:41.

Camille Herron is on a roll. In the past six months, she has won three marathons: The Dallas White Rock Marathon last December, the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama in February, and the Napa Valley Marathon in March.

This weekend, Herron, a 2:38 marathoner, will try her hand in Fargo, North Dakota.

She is friends with defending champion, Leah Thorvilson, who is not racing in Fargo. However, the two have been consulting about Herron’s chances.

“I picked her brain,” said Herron of Thorvilson,  “And she said, ‘Go for it.’”

“I would put my money on her for the win if the conditions are good,” Thorvilson said “I think my course record may be in jeopardy.” Her record, 2:41:52, was set last year.

Herron competed in the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials in Boston. She ran 2:47:14 there. She attended the University of Tulsa, but didn’t run there due to injury. She got into long-distance running in graduate school at the University of Oregon.

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