Comrades Organizers Look To Stop “Ambushing”

No, it has nothing to do with bandits.

Organizers of South Africa’s most famous ultra, the Comrades Marathon, are on a mission this year to stop something. The target of their zeal: “ambush marketing”.

Course monitors are being deployed to keep careful watch over the illegal use of marketing along the route. Gary Boshoff, the Comrades Marathon Association’s general manager, notes that official sponsors and suppliers have invested considerable sums of money to pay for the right to advertise. He was adamant that non-sponsoring companies will not be allowed to illegally advertise.

“If you are not a sponsor of the event, it is illegal to try to create the impression that you are, or that you are somehow associated with the Comrades Marathon. We will be obliged to use the full force of the law to act against transgressors,” Boshoff said.

The association has stated that it will be conducting a “clean-up” drive today along the streets of Pietermaritzburg where the race ends.

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