Hall Hopes To Make A Bold Bolder-Boulder Comeback

Ryan Hall looking to finish better than 14th at this year's Bolder Boulder. Photo: PhotoRun.net

He aims to do much better than his sub-par showing three years ago.

Three years ago at the Bolder Boulder, Ryan Hall walked away disappointed with his performance. Though he was one of the best American long-distance runners to enter the 2008 edition, he only managed to place 14th.

Over the past two years, Hall, the current American record holder in the half marathon, has viewed the race on the sidelines. But things are different this year: He’s going to lace up his racing flats once again and compete.

Still, Hall has downplayed expectations about his performance this year. He’s a member of Team USA (along with James Carney and Aaron Braun). He says he’s “going to take the expectation level off a little bit and enjoy it.”

Hall had been excited about his prospects in the 2008 race.

“I was extremely excited about my fitness in London and expected to run a little bit better in Boulder,” he recalls. “The level of performance of the guys that year was incredible. The time of the race was very quick for altitude and the way the race played out, they went our super hard. And so I was off the pace right from the beginning and didn’t feel well enough to progress into it more. I figure to be a little bit more competitive this year.”

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