Gear Review: The Luna Tik

Tick off the miles with music.

Written by: Somyr McLean Perry

This review first appeared in the September issue of Competitor Magazine.

It’s not a traditional sports watch, but it’s a must-have for runners who use music or running apps to help them maintain their pace. Designed by Scott Wilson, formerly of Nike Watches, the Luna Tik ($79.95) is the company’s premium watch conversion kit for the iPod Nano 6g. We tested it and loved it. The Tik’s frame unscrews (the mini-tool is included) and separates, and the Nano slips in snugly to look and fit just like any wrist watch. Navigating the 6g’s touch screen while running was a breeze, and we found it much easier than a using a regular iPod or iPhone to access music or our running apps. Thread the headphones cord through a shirt sleeve so it doesn’t bounce around during your workout. The Tik’s stylish frame and fat wristband was most appreciated by the male runners, who liked the bulky frame and sleek black and silver combo (it also comes in red and black). It was too chunky and masculine-looking for one female tester; after we tried it, the company released pink, yellow and blue versions of its Tik Tok ($39.95), which uses a snap-in mounting system.


Somyr McLean Perry is the executive editor of Competitor Magazine.

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