Houston Marathon Changes Starting Line

The Houston Marathon will now have a new start line. Photo: Chevron Houston Marathon

Organizers are responding to past criticism.

The Houston Marathon now has a new starting line. Photo: Houston Athletics

In the past, the Houston Marathon has enjoyed favorable reviews. However, one part of the race that receives constant criticism is the congested starting line that has forced some runners to take drastic measures like dismantling chain link fences.

Next month, organizers will try to fix this problem. According to a report on Chron.com, they have unveiled a plan that will eliminate or reduce the starting-line problem. Specifics of the plan include switching the starting line for the marathon and the half marathon–with the more popular half starting on Crawford Street. The marathon will begin on La Branch Street.

The task was no easy feat. The race’s director of operations, Carly Caulfield, spent six months studying the problem.

“We’ve talked about it with anyone who will listen to get feedback and make sure we’re focused on the runner’s point of view,” Caulfield said. “We’ve looked at their mistakes as well as their successes.”

Strangely enough, the race’s largest landmark, the GRB convention center, is also a liability. “The GRB – we love it,” said Caulfield. “We have that indoor facility. But it causes us some problems that are unique.”

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