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Lehmkuhle en route to finishing 18th at the Olympic Marathon Trials in January. Photo:

The marathon ace is also a master of time management.

A master of time management, Jason Lehmkuhle of Minneapolis, Minn., balances two careers: professional runner and website/graphic designer. Born in St. Charles, Mo., the 34-year-old earned All-American status in 5,000 and 10,000 meters at Drake University and is a 10-year veteran of Team USA Minnesota, an elite distance running group based in the Twin Cities that has produced one Olympian, several national champions and has placed athletes on multiple U.S. world championship teams. He’s been a part of the group coached by Dennis Barker since its inception; his wife, Kristen, also runs for the team.

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A solid marathoner, Lehmkuhle has finished among the top 10 amidst tough international competition at the New York and Boston marathons, and he was the first American in 28 years to win Japan’s prestigious Ohme 30K last February. The top American at last year’s Virgin London Marathon—Lehmkuhle finished 13th in 2:13:40—Lehmkuhle went on to place 18th at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in January, running 2:14:35. At the 2008 Trials, he finished fifth in 2:12:54.

We caught up with Lehmkuhle, and learned about a few of his favorite things.

Favorite hangout:

Chatterbox Pub

“My wife and I love going to Chatterbox Pub with friends. They have old school board games and original Nintendo. Nothing beats having a beer and playing RBI baseball.”

Favorite restaurant:

The Longfellow Grill

2990 West River Parkway

“It’s cheap, within walking distance to home, locally owned and the menu offers a great mix of classic diner comfort food such as mac and cheese and more elevated dishes like risotto cakes with sweet pepper relish. There’s not much on the menu I wouldn’t recommend, but I keep going back for the sweet potato fries.”

Favorite workout:


“This is a workout we do on the roads where we run segments of: 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes and then five minutes at goal half-marathon race pace with three minutes of jogging recovery in between segments. When I run this one well, I know I’m ready to race.”

Favorite place to train near home:

East and West River Parkway paths

“These paths flank both sides of the Mississippi River and are peaceful, shaded and scenic. I live only about a half mile from West River Road, and I can run loops of up to 15 miles using the various bridges to cross the river.”

Favorite thing about Team USA Minnesota:

“The team training environment. I’m able to squeeze so much more out of myself when I do workouts with the other guys.”

Favorite reward after a great performance:

Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide

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