Paul Tergat Predicts New Marathon World Record

Paul Tergat believes the marathon will continue to get faster. Photo: Zee News

He thinks Kenya will do it again–soon.

The former marathon world -record holder, Paul Tergat of Kenya, has a relevation to share: Patrick Makau’s world record (2:03:38) won’t be around for long.

Another Kenyan legend in distance running, Ibrahim Hussein, agrees with Tergat. “During my time we were doing 2:08,” Hussein, a three-time Boston Marathon champion, said. “I was instrumental in convincing Paul Tergat, while he was still a cross-country runner, to switch to the marathon and run a 2:04 which he subsequently did and went ahead and broke the world record.”

Tergat once held the marathon mark at 2:04:55, a time he set nine years ago in Berlin. He thinks Makau’s record will be broken by another Kenyan. “I am happy that the world record came home to where it belongs and I will be much happier if the mark is lowered by my fellow countryman when that time comes,” he said.

Kenya certainly has the depth of talent to pull this off, which doesn’t make Tergat’s remarks that much of a surprise.

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