Mo Trafeh Reflects On His 15K Win

Three-time U.S. 15K champion Mo Trafeh is returning to the track. Photo:

He’s now going to focus on the track.

American runner Mo Trafeh was one of the dark horse picks to win the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in January. However, for the Moroccan-born Trafeh, this was not to be.

He dropped out at mile 17 and didn’t finish the race. But Trafeh is not one to let this bother him.

Last weekend, he won the U.S. 15K Championships in Jacksonville, Florida. Runner’s World caught up with Trafeh and talked to him about his future plans. He’s aiming to return to the track this summer and no longer focus on the marathon.

“[The marathon] just does not excite me as much as track,” he admitted. “I’m definitely very excited and happy to go back to the track. I’ve been thinking about it so much…I definitely can’t wait to race and put on my spikes.”

Trafeh, who is self-coached, currently lives and trains in Morocco.

He likes it there.

“I think it’s really affecting me positively because when I go to Morocco, I have a house,” he says. “Life if cheaper, and it’s ideal for me to train and focus on just running, whereas here, it’s really expensive to pay for rent and massages.”

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