Running And Other Bad Habits: Q&A With Mark Henderson

The ultrarunning author shares insights from his book.

According to ultrarunner Mark Henderson, the biggest mistake some runners make is that they take themselves too seriously. This philosophy is what inspired him to write “Running and Other Bad Habits,” a somewhat autobiographical tale about his childhood and what him drove him to take up running. The book relates stories about his racing experiences like drinking a beer during a 100-mile run to fictitious short stories which he describes most runners will be able to relate to. The 200-page book looks at the entertaining side of running and can be read in one sitting.

What do you enjoy outside of running?

I have 8,000 racing miles underfoot since I running again. Since then, I’ve run 85 and some marathons all over the country.  And the best part:  I made a lot of people smile and laugh along the way.

What is your favorite thing about racing?

I overheard from this patriach finisher of the Little Rock Arkansas Marathon who joyfully exclaimed:  “It’s all about the people, baby!  It’s all about the people.”

How can readers benefit from this book?

It will entertain them. Laughing at our foibles and nemeses such as getting lost, vermin, tripping and gadget love helps make training and racing just more darn fun than humans should be allowed to have.

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