Getting To Know The “Face” Of Grandma’s

Sarah Culver lifts supply boxes for Grandma's Marathon. Photo: Duluth News Tribune

The marathon wouldn’t be the same without Sarah Culver. 

Most race organization is done behind the scenes. The hard workers who put forth Herculean efforts in order to pull of something like hosting one of the largest marathons in the United States are rarely profiled.

Well, here’s an exception: Her name is Sarah Culver, and to many, she is the face of Grandma’s Marathon.

Culver acts as the director of administration for the race. She also doubles as the elite athlete coordinator and this entails taking care of a wide range of tasks from arranging airport pickups to helping runners renew their visas.

Once, Culver even had to find racing flats for a Kenyan who lost his bags due to an issue with the airline.

“I don’t leave the office much during race week, so a lot of them will make a point to come here and meet me,” she said in reference to some international athletes. “That’s neat for both of us.”

She says that the week before Grandma’s she is consistently “putting out little fires.”

For More: Duluth News Tribune

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