2013 Summer Trail Running Shoe Review

Tevashpere Trail, $120

Category: Versatile Cruiser

Weight: 9.4 oz (men’s); 8.1 oz (women’s)

Height off the ground: 23mm (heel); 19mm (forefoot)

FIT: The Tevasphere Trail has a narrow fit throughout, but with more volume in the toe box than it’s slim fit would suggest.

FEEL: Testers commented that their heels nestled into the shoe for a secure feel, and the two unique midfoot “support pods” give some arch support and a stable underfoot platform.

RIDE: Firm was the first word that came to mind regarding the ride and testers were initially very aware of the support pods. Out on the trail, the firmness resulted in a responsive ride and the pods gave sound lateral stability. These weren’t the best for road to trail, but, once they hit the dirt, they were able to handle a mixed bag of trail conditions.

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