Extreme-Weather Workouts A Challenge For Travelers

Photo: www.shutterstock.com

Most coaches caution runners to change up their routines.

Now that summer appears to be in full bloom, many fit tourists are taking to the hotter climates, still hoping to keep up their routines.

According to an article posted on The New York Times’ website, runners should be cautious about hitting the road in the heat.

On July 15, the hottest ultra in the world kicks off: Badwater.

The annual race starts at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (and one of the hottest), Death Valley, and continues for 135 miles until it ends at the top of Mount Whitney at 8,360 feet above sea level.

Most competitors in this race have trained for years in the heat. So how should “mortals” prepare for the warm weather-especially those who visit hotter climates on vacation?

“One good tip is to run intervals, the easiest way to keep your body cool,” says coach Jenny Hadfield. “If you go into a situation where it’s really humid or really, really hot and you’re struggling; you’re breathing heavily at your normal effort, just add a minute or two of power-walking to bring everything back down.”

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