Official Proposes Pedestrian Walkway For Boston Marathon Memorial

A makeshift memorial to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings stood for weeks before being dismantled by city officials. Photo:

The proposed bridge would span above the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Ideas for a proposed Boston Marathon memorial are starting to pour in, the latest being a pedestrian bridge that would span over the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Tom Derderian, a Boston Marathon historian and the president of the New England chapter of USA Track & Field, first unveiled his idea during the organization’s board meeting in May. He followed that up with an article in the latest issue of New England Runner.

“Let’s memorialize the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and celebrate the freedom of the streets by making a memorial running street over a bridge,” Derderian wrote. “Let’s build a running bridge replete with all that bridges symbolize in bringing people of all sides together. On it we can list the names, like on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., of the victims and on it can run, walk, or cycle all who want to echo Boston Strong.”

At the proposed site, there is currently an old, and somewhat dilapidated, metal pedestrian bridge. Derderian’s idea would replace it with a cable-stayed one.

Derderian gained unanimous support for his idea during the board meeting, but knows there is a lot of work left in the process to have the project become a reality.

“Everyone driving to Boston on I-90 would see it and remember,” Derderian wrote. “Runners training for the marathon would pass over it and the buses carrying runners to the marathon start would pass under it. The Boston Strong Bridge would symbolize strength and defiance and, of course, enhance Boston as a pedestrian city friendly to bikers and runners.”

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