Paralympian Michael Milton Breaks Marathon Record on Crutches


Australian shatters the previous record by almost 80 minutes.

An Australian athlete completed a marathon in the fastest time in history over the weekend.

He did it on a pair of crutches.

Michael Milton, a Paralympic skier who lost his left leg after a bout with cancer at the age of 9, decided he wanted to run a marathon. So he had a pair of custom, carbon fiber crutches made and then hobbled his way through 26.2 miles at the Gold Coast Marathon.

The previous record was 6:42:47; Milton shattered it and finished in 5:23:30.

“It’s certainly the most self-inflicted pain that I’ve ever been through,” he told ABC News in Australia.” One of the big things in marathon running is blistering and problems like that. My foot’s actually really good but my hands are not quite designed for the sort of load and impact and the things that I’m putting them through.”

The 40-year-old Milton had a second battle with cancer in his 30s. After being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2007, doctors surgically removed a six-centimeter tumor from his throat. He’s been in remission ever since.

Milton has won six gold, three silver and two bronze medals in Paralympic Alpine skiing. He also competed at the Beijing Summer Paralympics in 2008 as a cyclist.

“I crossed the line and burst into tears. It’s certainly a very emotional time for me,” Milton said of his marathon record. “In the end I’m a lifetime athlete, I’ll be looking for new challenges but at this stage I don’t know what they are.”

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