One Slow Step At A Time For Running Doctor


The local celebrity’s life changed six months ago, but his perseverance is paying off.

Baltimore County knows¬†Theodore C. Houk as the “running doctor”. The 50-year-old was known for running 5 miles back and forth to work–bare-chested, with a ponytail flying.

However, those images are now a memory, sadly.

Six months ago, Houk, an M.D., was struck by a car while on the run–his right leg crushed under the Toyota SUV, his head bleeding.

According to an article about Houk’s experience in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County police didn’t charge the driver of the car as they were unable to find fault.

The running doctor was flown to Maryland Shock Trauma Center and was there for two weeks. He never lost consciousness, but remembers “absolutely nothing” about the time he spent in the hospital.

Now, Houk is making a slow comeback from the devastating accident.

“Intellectually and emotionally, I know I have to be patient,” Houk says.

Houk’s right leg was shattered below the knee. He wears a¬†Taylor Spatial Frame now to hold the right tibia straight.

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