Halloween Masks Banned At Marine Corps Marathon

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So too are hydration backpacks and vests.

Not surprisingly, the tragic events at this year’s Boston Marathon have resulted in major changes in race security. WJLA is reporting that organizers of the 38th annual Marine Corps Marathon have issued new regulations to keep runners and spectators safe during the event.

Race director Rick Nealis says the first line of defense from any potential terrorist attack is the spectators themselves.

“They need to be aware,” Nealis said. “They need to be looking around. They need to be conscious of their surroundings as well as our spectators. You see a backpack, call and tell someone.”

New this year is the banning of Halloween masks, hydration backpacks, and vests.

Erin Masterson ran this year’s Boston Marathon and will also be taking part in the Marine Corps Marathon. “It will change the tone of the race and the experience that runners have so I hope they can kind of balance between the two and make sure people have as enjoyable of an experience as they can,” she said.

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