Mo Farah Credits Kenyans For Success

Mo Farah writes that moving in with Kenyans made all the difference in his running. Photo:

He moved into a house with them eight years ago.

Double-Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah has recently penned an essay that appeared on The Telegraph’s website. In it, the Somali-born British citizen recalls his struggles on the track in 2005.

“PACE [my management company] represented numerous Kenyan athletes,” he writes.”Whenever they were competing in Europe, they would stay in a house on a leafy road in Teddington. I had always been curious about what the Kenyans were doing differently that made them so much faster in competition.

“There’s a room free at the house,” Ricky [Simms, his agent] explained. ‘The rent is cheap. It might open up your eyes a little, Mo.'”

Farah, who recently prevailed at this summer’s world championships in both the 5000m and 10,000m events, says this move was a life-changing decision.

“From the outside, the house isn’t much to look at,” Farah says. “Inside, though, it was a different story: it was home to some of the most talented Kenyan athletes in the world, and they had very clear ideas about how to eat, sleep, train and rest.”

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