Foresee It, Believe It, Achieve It: The Power Of Visualization For Runners

If utilized correctly, visualization can become quite powerful in getting the very most out of yourself.

So we’re supposed to believe that just because we WANT to achieve something bad enough and picture ourselves doing it, it will be done? Well, of course it’s not that easy. Unfortunately, we all can’t dream our way to a world record (sorry to burst any bubbles out there!), but visualization is a powerful tool when it comes to training, racing, and getting the most out of yourself.

The mental side of running is sometimes more crucial than the physical; we’ve all experienced the critical moment in a race where you are faced with the decision to keep pushing or back off and relent to the pain. Callousing the mind to the pain of exertion is one battle, another is working against the limits you may be putting on yourself. Believing you can do better is the first step and one way to achieve that is to picture yourself accomplishing those goals.

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