Father Runs 13 Half Marathons For Deceased Son

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The 51-year-old started running the 13.1-mile races last year.

Mike Unger underwent the worst possible experience that a parent can endure: Thirteen years ago, he lost his son.

Since that time, Unger reflected that he wanted to do something to honor Devoy Michael Unger, who passed away 11 days before his 15th birthday in an ATV accident.

Since November of 2012, the 51-year-old father has been running half marathons with the goal of completing 13 of them before the anniversary of his son’s passing.

“It started out with a goal to just finish,” Unger said. Throughout the races, he wore a shirt that read, “I’m Running for My Son.”

Last month, he completed his goal.

His first race was the half at the Indiana First Bank Veterans Marathon. “As I ran, I would always think, I just want to do this so Devoy would be proud of me, as I am so proud of him,” he said.

Unger carried a framed photo of his son in that race.

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