Weirdest Guinness World Record 100m Races

Jamaican sprinter and Olympic champion, Usain Bolt holds the World Record for fastest 100m of 9.58 seconds. However, it’s doubtful that Usain could maintain his cheetah-like speed in high heels, as a moon-walker, or on all fours. Check out these three “sprinters” in their weirdest attempts to win a Guinness World Record running the 100m. They may not be as fast as Usain, but they’re definitely more interesting.

Julia Plecher, an avid participant of Stiletto Races, holds the fastest Guinness World Record of running the 100m in heels with a time of 14.53 seconds. That’s only 5 seconds slower than Usain’s World Record and she even avoided falling on her face. Impressive.

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So many Michael Jackson impersonators, so little time. The fastest 100m moonwalk belongs to Ashiq Baluch as he glides across the finish line in 38 seconds. This 100m is so strange that even a moon-walking dog is included in the competition.

Why run on two legs when you can get down on all fours and utilize every limb? Kinichi Ito, also known as the “Monkey Runner”, studies the walking and running patterns of monkeys in order to perfect his four-legged running technique. After several attempts, he now holds the fastest four-legged 100m Guinness World Record of 16.87 seconds. Talk about a sprinter gone bananas.

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