Woman Sets ‘Running Without Sleep’ Record

Photo: www.shutterstock.com

She covered 311 miles last month in New Zealand.

When it comes to running, Kim Allan is a machine. The 47-year-old mother recently set the world record for running without sleep. She completed 332 laps in a circuit in Auckland, New Zealand.

The distance she covered: a mind-numbing 311 miles, which is the equivalent of approximately 12 marathons.

“We didn’t want her to give her an excuse to stop,” said support-team member Michael Rodliffe. “In two hours time when she’s finished the 500 [kilometres], we’ll celebrate.”

Strangely enough, when Allan was interviewed during the run, she told a reporter that she didn’t really like running.

“To be honest, going out on a two-hour training run is just a drag,” she said.“There’s ultrarunners who go out and train huge miles — that’s not me. It’s the beating my own mind that I like. Thinking you can’t do something then you go out and do it.”

Allan is a vegetarian and a former jockey.

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