Sole Man: 2014 Running Shoe Trends

Looking for new kicks this year? Here are a few things to consider. 

The latest and greatest running shoes are about to hit running stores, as most of the first round of 2014 models will hit stores in late January to early February. Here’s a brief overview of the biggest trends, with a few models to highlight each tendency. (Scroll through the photos below.) Despite the hot trends, flashy colors and wide variety of shoes from minimalism to maximalism, neutral to stability to motion control, the bottom line for every runner is that you have to find what works for you, your feet, your fitness and your running gait. Your best bet? Go to a specialty running store and try on several pairs before you decide on the shoes that are best for you. Rely on the shoe-fitters’ knowledge of the shoes, but also pay attention to how the shoe fits and feels on your foot, as well as how it allows your foot to interact with the ground when you run in it. It’s more art than science and your feet, your brain and the rest of your running physique often know best. (Note: All shoe weights listed in this story are for a men’s size 9.0 as supplied by the brands. Look for our full review of new shoes in our March issue and online here on March 1.)


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